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hemp duffel bag

Bajhang Duffel Bag

This fashion duffel bag also fit for men and women, it’s perfect for the people who often go for business trip, travelling, camping and outdoor activities.

Laptop Sleeve

Designed with a slim lightweight structure that allows you to easily stow it in your bag or backpack and bring your laptop along for your journey.

Hempkoo tote bag

Tote Bag

A fun, stylish, and durable tote bag that’s practical for a variety of situations. It is sturdy and roomy enough to hold your essentials

rolpa backpack cream

Rolpa Backpack

Stylish and functional backpack for protecting laptops and mobile devices during travel and everyday commuting

ukulele gig bag yellow color

Ukulele Bag

Ukulele Bag case is perfect, robust, and beautiful. This will make ukulele well protected


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Why Use Hemp Products?

hemp bio degradable

Bio-Degradable & Highly Renewable

An average plastic bottle requires roughly 450 years to decompose whereas hemp can biodegrade within 6 months

hemp eco friendly

Sustainable & Eco-friendly

Trees take years to grow, while a crop of hemp can be grown in a few months. Only one acre of hemp can produce as much paper annually as 4 acres of trees

hemp less water fibre

Less Water to Grow the Fiber

Requires less than a third of the water needed for cotton and yields 220% more fibers

No Chemicals

The plant grows without the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides and also replenishes soil quality

Handmade With Love

Our products are handmade with love and care from local women of Nepal

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